174: Assembling Submissions Package

Assembling Your Submissions Package

Stand out in the slush pile

November 8, 2019



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When it comes to becoming a published writer, queries are quintessential. They represent the bridge from your creative endeavors to becoming a professional. Sure, some submissions require cover letters or website forms, but every writer must conquer the query above all. And the query is a key part of a writer’s platform. This episode will look at queries, cover letters, and the other elements that make up submission packages.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!

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Elizabeth Westra
November 24, 2019

Thanks for sending me the printed version of these. I learn better if I can read about it and underline the pertinent parts.

George Busby
November 16, 2019

Thank you ! For sharing Katie Davis. I might have listen to it few more time.

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