235: Authentic Kid Voices

Authentic Kid Voices

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March 5, 2021


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A while ago on the Institute's Facebook page, someone was asking about dialogue, which made me think again about this important writing tool. Readers love dialogue because it makes a scene and a character come to life. Dialogue puts us into a specific moment within a story and that's a powerful thing for readers. But many writers struggle with dialogue and with making it feel lively, purposeful, and real. So what should you do first in the pursuit of good dialogue?

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Stephanie Haze
March 8, 2021

When I am trying to get a voice for my character, I will sometimes borrow from another character that I am familiar with. For example... if I want a talker who is exuberant and full of life.. I hear THUMPER in my head. If I want a more reticent character.... FLOWER is my audio role model. I can see her lowering her head and glancing sideways when she softly says her words.

George Busby
March 7, 2021

Mark Twain was great at giving a dialog to his Caricatures.

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