099: Character Development - Eileen Robinson

Character Development with Eileen Robinson

An Interview with an Editor and Publisher

May 11, 2018


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In this episode, Katie interviews Editor and Publisher Eileen Robinson. Editor/Publisher Eileen Robinson loves the power of stories and helping authors revise.  She feels once the draft is done, the revision process is where an author’s skill, inventiveness, and individuality begins to shine through. She has worked in children’s publishing as an editor for over 20 years, in-house and independently at both Scholastic and Harcourt—in educational publishing, school and library, with has trade, magazines, book fairs and clubs. She now owns  f1rstpages.com, partners with Harold Underdown in Kid’s Book Revisions, and publishes book through Move Books Children’s Publishing.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


George Busby
May 19, 2018

Yes! I've been watching the New Lost In Space too. I like the Alien Robot that Will had. Ms. Smith had evil side to her and she didn't want to get caught doing her shunning's.

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