213: Comma Long with Me

Comma Long with Me

A Primer on Punctuation


August 14, 2020

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I admit I love punctuation. I love all the little rules surrounding periods, commas, and quotation marks. Maybe it’s because my mom was a professional editor, maybe it’s the added structure punctuation gives to a piece. A lot of times it’s because it makes communication more clear––we’ve all heard the following sentence with and without a comma in the right spot: “Let’s eat, Grandpa!” and “Let’s eat Grandpa!” Whatever it is, punctuation makes me happy. Let's dig into this punctuation primer.

Special thanks to Rita Reali for contributing to this episode.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


Joan Holland
August 17, 2020

Re-listening with the show notes made things a lot clearer. The episode was very helpful.

Joni Klein-Higger
August 17, 2020

Very helpful. Thanks, Katie!

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