028: Cook Up a Good Story

Cook Up a Good Story

8 Writing Ingredients for a Stellar Story

December 2, 2016

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Sara asks:

How do I approach reading in order to improve my craft?

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1. A cup of plot. A plot that proceeds logically from beginning to end, giving the reader a sense that this is exactly how the story must be told.

 2. Four tablespoons of conflict. Okay, I’m dropping the recipe joke… let’s just get on with this! Conflict is an essential part of a good story plot. So, who or what is your main character in conflict with?

3. Dialogue. Exciting dialogue that brings the reader into the story. Dialogue where children don’t talk like adults, and where all the children and adults don’t talk like each other. Make each character a separate person and they will automatically speak differently and have more interesting things to say.

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anshu kumar
June 26, 2019

I felt helpless when it comes to put ideas in words and to present someone in convincing way. Thats making me nervous which leading me failure in every interview. Could you please enlighten me how to go ahead?

Byron Phillips
January 10, 2017

I just got reinstated into the writing for children's and teens program after an eight year absence and this was the first podcast I listened to. I enjoyed it Katie and look forward to listening to more of them as I get back into the swing of this.

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