198: Elements of Setting

Elements of Setting

Building a whole new world

May 1, 2020


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If you’re going to build a whole new world in your story, you have got to get the setting right. Today’s episode explores the elements of setting with contributions from Jan Fields.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!



Meline Knago
May 3, 2020

This was the first Podcast I have participated in, and it was listed as being presented by the Institute of Children's Literature. Regardless, I am a writer of adult stories, and this Podcast gave me some true gems of wisdom in creating settings that pull the reader in to a particular moment and scene in a story, whether the story is for children or adults. It was only 10 minutes in length, but Katie explained 5 particular elements for creating settings that will add interest to the story and keep the reader immersed until the end. Looking forward to the next one.

Connie Salmon
May 3, 2020

Nice easy podcast with lots of helpful information. I will definitely use some of these suggestions in my writing.

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