061: Finding Your Way to The End - Part 1

Finding Your Way to The End - Part 1

Timing Your Transformations

July 21, 2017



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In a way, every story is a story of transformation. Circumstances change. Characters experience revelations. Challenges are met and overcome. The longer the work you’re writing, the more transformations are likely to occur. In board books and many picture books, for instance, the transformation is often simply circumstance. In the very famous Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, the little rabbit experiences the changes that come with bedtime. The little rabbit undergoes no change in personality or beliefs, and nothing is really overcome. The transformation is simple because board books are often more about the sound of the language and the images than they are about any deep story. But board books can accomplish a bit more. Lift-the-Flap board books are often a type of mystery. In another famous board book, Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill, the reader joins Spot’s mother on a search for her pup. Finding the ending in these books is quite simple. Good Night Moon ends after we’ve bid everyone and everything possible a “good night.” Where’s Spot? ends with the finding of Spot.

But what about a more complicated book? How do you find the right ending for the picture book you’re presently tooling with? Again, transformation can be the key to finding the ending. How many things transform in your book? Have you revealed all of them?

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July 23, 2017

Love this topic. Great comments on WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Would like even another podcast on same topic with more and more-recent examples of picture book transformations in the end. Even a quick list of recent PB's with a sentence or two about the transformation in each. Very helpful! Thanks, Katie!!

Carol Samuelson-Woodson
July 23, 2017

Katie Davis's Writing for Children Podcast is the most generous gift to writers (beginners, writers struggling to understand the market or the craft, writers with questions, writers who have not "broken in") that I have encountered in 20+ years. If you haven't got the money (or even if you have) for the courses, professional critiques, conferences, workshops, travel, hotels, etc.) your absolute best bet is to listen to these podcasts. Listen over and over, take notes, download show notes, work hard, follow her advice, and you will be educated in writing for children at no cost! I, like many others, have spent thousands of dollars to acquire this knowledge. Thank you, Katie!

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