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Is Your Dream to Write for Children?

If you qualify for our course, we offer you the best one-on-one writing and marketing instruction you can get anywhere–and the best chance to see your writing published.

Your next step is to complete your Aptitude Test. It will be expertly evaluated by our professional staff at no cost to you. Your results will tell both of us whether or not you’re ready for Writing for Children and Teens–and if you are ready, they’ll tell us at what skill level to begin your training.

Full details concerning cost and enrollment will be mailed to you, if you qualify. You may then enroll–but that’s entirely up to you. There is no obligation.

Enter your info below so we can send you a link to the test, and when it has been evaluated we'll let you know your Aptitude Test results.

Please note! Your test will be reviewed by professional educators (real, live people, not robots!) so results are not instantaneous. You'll hear from us as soon as possible by mail.

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