092: Get Children to Read Your Book

Get Children to Read Your Book

Engage your reader beyond the first paragraph

March 16, 2018


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Snagging the attention of a reader so that he or she will sit down with your short story or book can be challenging. We all know that short story illustrations and book covers play a part in grabbing reader attention. This part is often out of the author's hands. The same is true with things like the back of the book blurb. Grabbing that first interest is often a team effort, which is great. We can use all the help we can get. 

But once the reader begins reading, only one person can keep that reader connected and turning pages: the author. Kids have so many things pulling on their attention these days. So how do we keep a reader going past that first paragraph? Here are six tips for doing just that.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


Belva Green
March 20, 2018

Thanks for the invitation but I don't DO Facebook, Twitter or any of the rest of them. Sorry about that because I am missing important information from the Institute for Writers.

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