173: Interview with Emma Walton Hamilton

Interview with Emma Walton Hamilton

Submission tips from a pro

November 1, 2019



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Emma Walton Hamilton is a best-selling children’s book author, editor, and writing coach. With her mother, actress/author Julie Andrews, Emma has co-authored over thirty children’s books, nine of which have been on the NY Times Bestseller list, including The Very Fairy Princess series. She is Director of the Children’s Lit Fellows program at Stony Brook University. She served as the Editorial Director for the Julie Andrews Collection imprint at Harper Collins for six years. So, she's seen submissions from both sides of the desk.We talk about:

• What are common mistakes new writers make when submitting?

• How do you find the right place to submit to?

• Do all writers need an agent?

• How do you get an agent?

• Do any houses accept unsolicited at this point?

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!

As mentioned in the podcast, check out the 2020 Market Guides for submission guidelines for agents and publishers across all kidlit genres here.

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