165: Interview with Renee LaTulippe

Interview with Renee LaTulippe

Talking Revision with a Wordsmith

September 6, 2019



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Renée M. LaTulippe has poems published in many anthologies including School People (ed. Lee Bennett Hopkins), and National Geographic's The Poetry of US and Book of Nature Poetry (both ed. J. Patrick Lewis) to name a few. Renée developed and teaches the online course The Lyrical Language Lab: Punching Up Prose with Poetry and blogs on children’s poetry at NoWaterRiver.com.

We talk about:
• What are common mistakes new writers make?
• How do you eliminate too much description but still give readers
the flavor of your character and setting?
• Should all writers study poetry or just writers writing in rhyme?
• Favorite revision tips?

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


Parichehr Manuchehr Khodayaar
September 24, 2019

Thank you very much ?? Renee I have used your skills for my English language facilitating programme

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