012: Is This a Picture Book?

Is This a Picture Book?

Tips for Evaluating Your Story

August 12, 2016

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Listener Question of the Week

Jennifer asks:

How do you know if the book you're writing is targeted at the right age group?

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Is This a Picture Book?

Okay, you've written a great story. It's pretty short, under 1000 words (hopefully closer to 500). You like it. Your critique group likes it. It really is good, but is it a picture book? It isn't enough that it be good or even great, a picture book is a particular kind of writing. So, ask yourself some questions:

1. Does your story sing? Whether the story rhymes or not (and not is usually better), your prose needs to sing. Read it aloud, or better yet, try humming the story to yourself. Does it have a flowing, singing rhythm? Not sing-song, but melodious. Picture book stories require a special attention to the sound because if they succeed, they will be read again and again.

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Kelli Panique
September 16, 2016

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George Busby
September 15, 2016

How can I get great looking ICL hat ? p.s Love the message on Is this a picture book. Thank's Katie Davis !

Shirley Webb
September 15, 2016

I've been writing for children for over 20 years. The way I know if I need illustrations to enhance my story is this: Does the story paint a picture? Are there things the child can not imagine for himself? This works for me. I have read my stories to over 6,000 children in schools and libraries. And it was fun. The way they pay attention is amazing - of course I had native american regalia, music, and lights that enhance my story. Good luck to all children writers out there. Keep writing and visit your local schools and libraries. I began by doing school and library presentation for free. Then they began to invite me for an honorium. What fun.

Pam Miller
August 17, 2016

Re-checking for these 5 elements. Good measuring stick.

August 15, 2016

Loved this one. By the way, I love the little jingle you have going. It's fun and cute.

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