059: Last Minute Dialogue Checklist

Last Minute Dialogue Checklist

The Key to Sparkling Conversation

July 7, 2017



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As you work through your revision and polish up your work, don’t forget dialogue. Few things can do more for your story than good dialogue, so it’s worthwhile to get it right.

___Check that all spoken dialogue is enclosed in quotation marks and that punctuation occurs inside the quotation marks. [Enclosing all punctuation within the quotes is standard style of most American publishers.]

___Only spoken words go in quotes, thoughts do not need to be set off with quotation marks. Some writers use italics to set off thoughts.

___The best verb for tagging your dialogue is “said.” Use other verbs when they truly add to the moment. And do not use verbs as speech tags unless they actually describe speech -- “sneered” or “snorted” and the like are not speech tags.

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Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


Judith Knecht
July 14, 2017

Sometimes you just need a reminder and these short, helpful and informative messages do just that. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to keep pursuing my dream.

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