114: Leaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest

Spread your wings with a new kind of writing

August 31, 2018


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Nesting usually involves the spot where you find immediate (or first) success, but there will always be walls around you if you give in to staying in your first nest. You'll grow until you fill up that specific nesting spot and no more, not unless you're willing to peek out of your particular niche and considering dashing into a spot you know nothing whatsoever about. Growth, change, learning, and challenge makes us better writers. Nesting holds us at whatever spot we've grown accustom.

Let's talk about getting out of our nests today and finding success in new writing areas.

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Iman Alkhateeb
September 22, 2018

Hi Katie, I've been listening to your amazing podcasts. They are full of information and very inspiring. I took a number of ICL's courses. I have published over forty picture books ever since. I'm now taking the chapter book course and enjoying it too. As you mentioned, learning never stops, there is always something new that helps you grow and expand your thoughts. Once again thank you ICL for a beautiful program with lots of extensions once you get to know the links.

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