234: Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Jamie Tan

Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Jamie Tan

Interview with an author and her publicist


February 26, 2021


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Katie interviews award-winning author Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Candlewick Senior Publicist Jamie Tan about Maggie's latest book THE MERMAID, THE WITCH, AND THE SEA.

We talk about:

  • Gender fluidity in characters
  • Shondaland interest
  • Maggie’s lyrical writing
  • How Jamie did the publicity for this particular book
  • How Maggie is brutal to her characters!
  • Not shying away from being mean to your characters

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George Busby
March 1, 2021

Thank you! Katie Davis for your interview with the author Maggie T.H. & her publicist Jamie Tan in Episode 234; was very enlightening.

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