102: Nonfiction Guest Expert Christine Taylor-Butler

Nonfiction Guest Expert Christine Taylor-Butler

An Interview with the Prolific Author

June 1, 2018


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Christine Taylor-Butler is the author of over 75 books for kids. Before writing for kids, Christine earned two degrees from MIT and worked for the likes of Harvard University and Hallmark Cards. She has contributed to numerous nonfiction series for Scholastic writing about planets, states, our founding fathers, how our government works, and more. Her YA series Lost Tribes is now available.

• Best practices for research
• How to research
• Traveling for research
• Organizational issues
• Confirming veracity when doing nonfiction research
• Researching for fiction…and more!

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Angela Dolan
June 10, 2018

There's more room in a picture book . The spacing of pages should be something. End with a cuddle that's something. Thank you, continuing to listen to episodes one and two. Thank you for coming into the realm, all of you.

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