Pipeline to Publication (Self-Guided Course)Pipeline to Publication (Self-Guided Course)
    • Pipeline to Publication (Self-Guided Course)
    • Pipeline to Publication (Self-Guided Course)

Pipeline to Publication (Self-Guided Course)

 Children's writers who get published a lot know that the training and fine-tuning of writing skills provided by the Institute of Children's Literature are a solid foundation for getting new writers published.

    A writer's ability to demonstrate the kind of accurately targeted selling skills that stand out from - and beat - the competition, and a writer's ability to cement relationships with editors are what change occasional sales into frequent ones.

    These abilities, these skills, are usually hard-won after making many approaches that don't pan out, hitting dead ends, and wasting a lot of time on unsuccessful submissions.  Until now.

    Welcome to Pipeline to Publication, an "immersion" course you do at home.

    The program consists of eight writing workshops, supplemented by a directory of magazine publishers with more than 650 listings of current freelance markets.  You'll also get an anthology of stories and articles by 64 first time authors, including insight from their editors on why each one was chosen for publication (see below).

    Each workshop trains you, under the guidance of leading children's editors and writers to master a different facet of a successful children's publishing career.

    Workshops include hands-on activities that build and sharpen your ability to write, slant, and submit stories and articles that are targeted to individual magazines' specific needs and improve your opportunity to get published.

As a bonus, in addition to the course, you also get the most current edition of Magazine Markets for Children's Writers, First Time Authors,  and Out of the Dust, by former student Karen Hesse, and which received the prestigious Newbery Medal in 1998.

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