196: Poetry-Based Revision for Picture Books

Poetry-Based Revision for Picture Books

What a difference a word can make

April 17, 2020


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Today we bring you a special post from our favorite lyrical wordsmith Renee LaTulippe. If you write for kids, you and Renee probably have a lot in common, including the same target audience, the same writing struggles, the same desire for publication, and probably similar writing processes.  Like poetry, picture books are meant to be read aloud, which means you need to create engaging language that transports children into a world of imagination. And, like poetry, you have to do it in as few words as possible.

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Kelli Panique - Assistant to Katie Davis
April 24, 2020

Hi Lynn! Congratulations on retiring! Contact Student Services about getting reinstated in your course. We are experiencing some delays due to high volume right now, but we'll get back to you. Student Services can be reached at studentservices@institutechildrenslit.com.

Lynn LaDuke
April 24, 2020

Good Morning I'm interested in writing in picture books in poetry form. I used to write little poems for my grandchildren when they were young. I started this institute back in early 2000 but then life got in the way and never finished. Now that I'm retired I'm ready to give it another try.

Rhonda K. Gatlin
April 19, 2020

Great ideas looking forward to doing the exercise. thanks

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