026: Q&A Hall of Fame

Q&A Hall of Fame

Answers to Questions You May Have Missed

November 18, 2016

We want to hear from YOU! ICL instructors are ready to answer your questions about the craft of writing. Ask your question at www.writingforchildren.com/speak.

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We want to hear from YOU!

The faculty of the Institute of Children’s Literature is waiting to answer your question! Ask it RIGHT HERE.


Robyn asks:
Can you explain the importance of stressed and unstressed syllables in prose picture books to help guide the rhythm. Can you explain it? (Better than I just did!)

Geraldene asks:
Would today’s fourth grade children be interested in what life was like for kids back in the 1920s and 1930s?

Wendy asks:
How do I handle back matter in a picture book? Is it included it in the word count, should the font be different, and how would I include it––as a separate document or within the story?

Angelique asks:
What are the key differences between writing a story for a magazine and a book? How can we tell if our story is better suited for one or the other?

Kimberley asks:
How do you know when you’ve hit the right audience age range? Do you need to have kids in that age group or just read a lot of books targeted to that age?

Roger asks:
Am I a hero or a goat? (Listen to find out what he’s talking about! Plus my additional response to the question which I should have included in the original podcast episode.)


The faculty of the Institute of Children’s Literature answers the podcast questions.
Leave your question at http://writingforchildren.com/speak.

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