060: Show Some Respect

Show Some Respect

Why Submissions Guidelines Matter

July 14, 2017



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Many times, editors finally find time to dig into the slush pile or they open their email and check out submissions and get a disappointing surprise. People send poetry for children to publishers who list “no poetry” right in their guidelines. People send fiction for children to publishers who only publish nonfiction. People send parenting essays to magazines that only publish material for children. Why would anyone send things like this when it cannot possibly result in a sale?

They do it because they never read the magazine or checked out the publisher’s list. They didn’t read the submissions guidelines. They didn’t get our incredible annual guides that give you all the information you could possibly need in order to get published, and/or they didn’t do a search online for information about the publisher from third party sources.
They simply didn’t bother.

To find what editors do with these submissions and how you can avoid being one of them, listen to the full episode.

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September 6, 2017

Thank you, Katie. You made my day. This is some of the best advice and I can't think of a better person or a better way to say it. ;)

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