129: Taking Stock and Planning Ahead

Taking Stock and Planning Ahead

Identifying what's holding you back

December 28, 2018


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When you look back on your year, what was the biggest obstacle to finishing your book? Most folks think it’s lack of skills.

You may be surprised that the most common obstacle that stops aspiring writers is a lack of time. Skills you can improve through courses, workshops, or a lot of practice, practice, practice. But if you're constantly putting the day job, housework, yard work, volunteering, cooking, or cleaning ahead of your writing, you’re simply not going to get anywhere. Let's talk today about what's holding you back and what you can do about it to get ahead next year.

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Robin Newman
December 31, 2018

After podcast 128 with Ann Sheybani and Katie Davis, I took to heart the suggestion to look at what I have accomplished this past year ( suggestion reiterated here by Katie) and not what I have not accomplished. I wrote four pages on all I have learned and done and shared it with my writers group. It was quite encouraging to see my progress. Thank you to all at ICL for all the support and programs you put together.

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