183: The Big Effect of Dialogue Attribution

The Big Effect of Dialogue Attribution

Combating the Boring Speech Tag

January 17, 2020


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Dialogue is the favorite part of story writing for many authors. In dialogue writing, the author is able to give voice to the people the author created. Also dialogue is a favorite for many readers as well since it moves quickly, is a frequent source for humor, and generally adds white space to a book page making the reading look less intimidating. So dialogue is important but how about the bits that tag along with the dialogue: speech tags and narrative action. How important is that? And how varied? We'll be reading through examples so be sure to download this week's show notes so you can see the examples as you apply these techniques to your own work.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


Elizabeth Martinez
February 3, 2020

These were very clear, very specific examples of using dialogue. Thank you. This podcast answered many of my questions. I also wanted to know do you use quotation marks when a character is speaking in narrative, For example, My name is Elizabeth, and I am in 2nd grade. And I love dogs. Would this be a case where you use or don't use quotation marks?

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