075: Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Rewards and Challenges

November 3, 2017


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Long ago, researchers were studying how creatures react to reward. They learned that if you put a "reward station" in a rat's cage and have a treat appear every time the rat pushes a button, the rat will push the button a lot at first, then taper off. Eventually, he'll push the button only when he wants a treat and his desire for the treat seems to lessen over time. But if you have the reward station only produce a treat sometimes, and give nothing the rest of the time, the rat will actually push the button a lot more often and that frequency will never taper off.

The whole model of action/reward is one to consider as a writer, especially a new writer. If you can write things that aren’t necessarily your favorite type of writing to do, you may get more rewards than failures. How? How-to, actually. Say you write a lot of how-to pieces. If you’re able to sell them to magazines, and are having a much harder time selling your fiction, the publication experience with the how-to pieces can give you enough reward to pull you through those dark, rejection blues,.

I think this is something that can have value for any writer. If you’re getting the blues about the struggle to publish a picture book or the rough job of finishing a novel, consider taking a small break and doing a piece? that will give you a treat at that reward station. You could write for a no pay market or write an essay on your writing journey as you've been living it and consider one of the online markets for it. You could offer a guest blog post on writing to a writing site. During the tough times, these rewards can be enormously helpful to morale.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


Kelli Panique - Assistant to Katie Davis
November 10, 2017

Every site is a little bit different and every program is a little bit different. Sometimes you can google the program you're using and what you're trying to do to find a tutorial that will help you with what you're trying to accomplish.

November 5, 2017

Entering in a wriring contest can be a pain ; I wrote a poem in doc.google.com but I didn't under stand how to send it the first time round. How come these sights don't tell you how they work like Scrivener.com does?

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