079: Writer's Hibernation

Writer's Hibernation

Are You Feeling a Writer's Hibernation?

December 1, 2017


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It's been my experience that one of two things happen this time of year. Editors work in a white-hot frenzy to clear out all submissions before holiday break (so things you've been waiting to hear back about forever may suddenly pop up with responses) or editors become covered over with all the “stuff" that comes around this time of year and anything you submit basically gets an extra month or two added to the response time. So, I said all that to say: it can be frustrating. It's better to stay flexible this time of year.

Editors are not the only ones frustrated by the busy stuff this time of year. As writers, we are often trying to cram a little bit of writing in a day already packed to the gills. Some of us, just give up and spend the winter on a kind of writing hibernation, planning to get back in the swing of things when our blood warms up.Others only hibernate until January 1, when New Year's Resolutions push us into a frenzy of writing.

Whether you're getting any writing time or not, you're probably feeling guilty. Let's talk about how to deal with that in this episode of the Writing for Children Podcast.

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