121: Writing as You 2.0

Writing as You 2.0

Reconnecting with a work in progress

October 19, 2018



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One of the problems with writing is that it's fairly difficult to complete a project in one sitting. It can sometimes be a bit easier with a picture book where the rough draft may come in a rush during one sitting and then you return again and again to revise (and sometimes to rewrite). But for longer works, it's almost mandatory that you be able to stop, go about your non-writing life, and then return to the project. This can be difficult, especially if the break between the stop and return is lengthy. We're constantly changing as people and as writers, so returning to an older work in progress can be daunting. There are some things that can help.

Click here to download the show notes with extra resources!


George Busby
October 22, 2018

Thank's for sharing ! You got me thinking what comes next.

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