One-on-one instruction from a professional writer/instructor

No one else works, thinks, or learns quite the way you do––and no one teaches, trains, and coaches quite the way he or she does. Faculty-guided courses at IFW and ICL have the flexibility to let you and your instructor work together to help you reach your writing goals.

You start writing immediately. Whether you’re a new student having passed our Aptitude Test, or a graduate moving on to one of our advanced courses, your instructor knows your goals, and what level of instruction you’re ready for.

This understanding of your background, personal interests, and writing aptitude provides an excellent perspective on your progress at every step in the program. Regular reviews also help your instructor spot weaknesses so that extra attention can be focused on areas that need improvement.

Your instructor’s personal guidance and critiques provide you with invaluable perspectives on your progress and are among the most powerful teaching tools in the program.

Years of successful publishing experience have trained your instructor in the market so when you complete your story, article, or manuscript, his or her guidance and our teaching materials will help you select the most appropriate publishers for it.

Of course, only you can achieve success for yourself; we can’t promise you that. However, we can promise––and deliver––unsurpassed preparation for success in achieving your personal and professional writing goals in the genre you choose to pursue.


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