What our students say

I’ve taken 2 courses with ICL and loved my instructors. They are very thorough, knowledgeable, and beyond helpful. The 2nd course was the novel writing one and I signed a contract for the book I was working on in the course while I was finishing up my last assignment. It was published last October. I highly recommend taking the course!!

–Carolyn Savage


Wonderful course! I have had amazing instructors and have learned so much! It’s so worth it and very authentic! I just submitted my first article to a magazine and wouldn’t have done it without the guidance of this course or my amazing instructor.

–Alison Graves Potter


ICL rocks! You will learn a lot.

–Cathy Lee Taylor


I’ve taken 3 of the courses and it has been very informative.  You learn lots, and the courses are easy to follow.  The instructors are very good and will answer any question you have…also, if you find you can’t work with your assigned instructor, you are able to change to a different instructor. I highly recommend the school and their instructors. You are also able to pace the writing you do as there are no strict deadlines to follow – however, they do give you a timeline to submit your lesson to them.

–Sheila Wirsch


I loved my instructor.  She gave very good feedback.  She also returned assignments very quickly which I found very helpful. This course was well worth the investment.  It is easy to worry about whether online courses are real or a scam.  Will I learn anything worthwhile or is this just a way to get my money?  Let me tell you this course is not a scam.  I learned a lot and was provided with a lot of valuable feedback from my instructor.   The books provided alone are worth the cost of the course but with the instructor feedback and guidance, you get so much more.  Highly recommend!

–Donna Cramer


My instructor did a wonderful job of critiquing my work without making me feel bad. She seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. The ICL courses (I’ve taken two) are quite helpful, as long as the student is diligent in doing the homework. My teacher was very pleasant to work with and helped me understand how to write and market better.

–Judith M Vander Wege


The ICL course “Writing for Children” is a valuable introduction as well as a worthwhile refresher course of the core info a writer would need to enhance their career.  The course materials are up-to-date and written in a straight-forward and humorous manner.  The insights both from the course material and instructor will provide you that extra umph to keep plodding forward with your manuscripts through both good and challenging times you will be experiencing. I highly recommend it. I was a student many years ago under the tutelage of Dorothy Francis. I now have 18 books published, several award winners, and several with multiple starred reviews. My 19th book is with a publisher as I write. I now present at regional and national conferences and schools – about 90 days a year. The Institute was the springboard to a rewarding career.

–Brian J. Heinz


I have been published in fiction, nonfiction, verse, prose, humorous, serious, fantasy, coming-of-age, historical, and true-to-life nature with eight different publishers including Doubleday, Millbrook, Chronicle, Creative Editions, Dial, North Country Books, and others. I thought you might like to share in an Institute success story. By the way, your market guide continues to be the ‘gold standard’ of organization and ease of use. Thanks again from an ever grateful past student.

–Brian J. Heinz (again)


My fantasy novel for young adults, The Court Wizard, is now available on Amazon and barnesandnoble.com! In manuscript form, it was the winner of the inaugural 2012 Clare Vanderpool Work of Promise Scholarship, awarded by the Kansas chapter of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators.

–J.R. Sparlin


I’m about to launch a new picture book, THE KING OF KEJI (Nimbus Publishing, 2015). It’s about an unusual treasure hunt in a national park, beautifully illustrated by Patsy MacKinnon.

– Jan Coates


Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your help I am a published author! I wrote a children’s book entitled Calico Chicken. Thank you for the skills I received from your organization. –Constance Nipper

I love this program because it keeps me accountable. I opted for the monthly tuition plan and I treat it like a writing fitness membership plan.

–Maureen Morrison


Just received my diploma from the Writing for Children and Teens course. It’s so amazing. I’m so glad I finished. I started when I was 16 & then took a 10 yr. break. Last year I picked up where I left off and now I’m finished! It feels so good. Thx to this incredible program and my amazing instructor.

–Brenna Miller


Several things from the course were of extreme value: The basic know how of professional looking manuscripts and how to submit them. Also, learning to use all sensory images making the writing more colorful. Most importantly, the confidence to go forward! [My published] story was originally an assignment back when I was a student with the Institute of Children’s Literature. Although I had procrastinated for many years, the course planted seeds of confidence and knowledge. Therefore, I kept returning to this project. After submitting to several magazines, I contacted Brandylane Publishers. They accepted my manuscript! It was released on the 13th of December, 2019.

–Roseanne McDonald


Several things from the course were of extreme value: The basic know how of professional looking manuscripts and how to submit them. Also, learning to use all sensory images making the writing more colorful. Most importantly, the confidence to go forward!

–Roseanne McDonald (again)


Just saying hi and expressing thanks! I took the Writing for Children and Teens course over ten years ago. This helped me get some magazine articles published. I couldn’t have done it without them. I enrolled again last year and am now completing Assignment 8 for the Writing and Selling Children’s Books course. I am so grateful for ICL and the training I’ve received. My teachers have been incredibly skilled, just wonderful! Thanks ICL!!!!

–Shelia Cody


I’m satisfied with their responses because I now know that they care and they always know what I should do better. Well I’m hoping that I would be able to do an assignment based on my favorite genres Animal Fantasy and Character Perspective. I really didn’t look into any other programs because most of them were in college and I worried I would have to leave home. I knew the moment the box came I knew this place was the right one for me. I must admit now I know this career is the one for me.

–Wyatt W. Buell


Anyone interested in learning to write better should take the courses that are offered by the Institute. Learning to write correctly is extremely important in everyday life. This includes on the job, parenting, as a student, advancing in a career, and answering personal email. When we write we are trying to convince other people of our position and therefore, we must be able to express our feelings using descriptive and professional language. Taking the course from the Institute was very challenging for me because several times I had to stop for different reasons beyond my control.  Each time I stopped I was faced with writing challenges at work or school. After I turned in my essays I was complimented on my opinions. My writing and attitude have improved through the years and one big reason is because of the writing course I took at the institute. Now, when I write my perspective is taken more seriously because my language has expanded and I am better equipped with the words needed to express myself in person and on paper. The writing is also fun!

–Becky Ann Tribble


I appreciate IFW willingness to work with their students. I felt like they really cared about me succeeding. They are so helpful when it comes to making your course flexible to fit your life. I love that about this school! I had always loved writing, but never thought I could try to get anything published. But after taking the Breaking Into Print course from IFW, I now feel more confident in my writing abilities. Thank you IFW!

–Rebecca Copley


My only questions have been about submitting assignments and requesting extensions and the staff has been very patient and helpful! I would like to know more about proper formatting for submitting picture books to editors or publishers and how to begin to structure and plot out chapter books. I browsed a few others on the internet but felt drawn to ICL right away. I am loving ICL! Participating in this program has given me valuable insights into the writing process and strengthened my confidence as a writer.

–Renae Conner


My instructor always offered constructive critiques. Her suggestions were helpful and she always had a helpful response for questions I posed to her. She offered encouragement and positivity. I would absolutely love to have her as an instructor again. She seemed excited about me looking to get published, which makes me even more excited to get started in that process. I have always wanted to be a writer and after taking this course I truly feel as though that dream will become a reality.

–Virginia Waldmann


I learned more than I expected. Hope I can have a small back and forward about one of the critiques as an option B was given but I would love to know if I can use an option C. Your critique service is really good, just what I needed to get out of my block. …Very fast response and very professional. The best service before sending the work to an editor! This is a service I always wished for as I’m new to writing and currently don’t have a critique group. This way I got a professional feedback that my friends and family would never be able to give me even with the best will in the world!

–Estrela Lourenco  


I just wanted to take this moment to say, “Thank You!” This has been the best course I’ve taken in a long time. I’ll definitely be taking more courses in the future. Pairing me with Pegi was a stroke of genius. I’ll forever be grateful to the Institute.
–Bill Melathopolous


Oh yes, very satisfied with office staff. They are prompt and courteous at all times! I am absolutely enjoying every moment of writing that I can, and enjoy the IFW and what they offer. I especially look so forward to hearing from my instructor, to see where I did well, and where I need to improve!
–Melissa Doerksen


I am very pleased with the course at this point in time. I appreciate the pace of the course, the plethora of information, the credibility of the course and my instructor. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought in matching the right instructor with your students. I appreciate her honesty and positive reinforcement.
–Kelly Leslie


Thought you’d want to know that student Stephanie Bleser – assignment 6 titled “Bailing on Basketball” was accepted for publication in Highlights! A writer’s dream come true!
–Stephanie Bleser


May I add a comment that I am enjoying reading more with all the information being given out about novel break downs. Thank you!
–Sue Travis


The course material is probably the best resource on writing for kids I’ve ever come across. That and the books that come with the course are exceptional in their quality and pertinence.
–Simona Ceccarelli


I decided on this program because my husband took it many years ago and was really impressed.  I am extremely impressed with this writing course. I love my instructor, Victoria Sherrow. Her comments and suggestions have helped me tremendously! Just after my second assignment, she suggested I submit it. I applied everything she recommended from my first assignment and carried it over to the second one. She is fabulous! I also find the course manual and the other resources very helpful. This writing course is top notch! I feel like I have progressed and learned so much even though I am just on assignment 3.
–Debby Shade


I took a long break and just started back up with assignment #3. My instructor’s comments were positive and encouraging as well her editing of my 1st story to her. She provided helpful suggestions and guidance which have given me the encouragement to continue my writing journey!
–Christina McCarthy


I recommend the course to anyone who has a passion for writing and wants to share their work to the world knowing they have the tools to be a craftsman of words. A polished wordsmith! This course Beyond the Basics has done wonders for me as a writer. Having a passion and then honing the craft is what I received from the instruction manual and my personal instructor. An invaluable experience and a promising writing career.
–Tina Jude


I absolutely loved having Sheila Wood Foard as an instructor; she was the perfect match for me and so incredibly helpful! She gave the right amount of critique, praise, and helpful hints to encourage and guide me.
–Lisa Spencer


One reason I decided to take the course was that it is very practice-oriented as I intend to start submitting some of my work. The course material is perfect as it covers the most important aspects and directed me towards a genre I had not considered before: nonfiction articles. It made me discover a love of nonfiction writing I did not know I had. There is not a single thing I would change in the course material.
–Thomas Cooper 


Yes – very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable. I like the personal, one on one relationship with the instructor. I also like the encouragement plus constructive criticism by knowledgeable and experienced writers.
–Maria Florkiewicz


The office staff has been extremely responsive to my requests. Not sure how many times I contacted the office. I definitely like the feedback from my instructor and enjoy her letters along with her corrections. I also like the way the lessons are formatted. I try to use every comment and correction to perfect my skill. This is the second course that I have completed with ICL. I have gained so much knowledge from each course. The personal instruction and critique from my instructor is priceless. It is well worth it, and I would do it all over again. Thank you ICL!
–Lisa Wise


I am extremely pleased with what I have learned and how to apply it to my writing. I can definitely see the improvement. I was also as pleased with my first course and have published one story from those endeavors. I currently have five stories & articles out to publishers [and] am extremely pleased with what I have learned and how to apply it to my writing. I can definitely see the improvement. I have completed two courses at the Institute. The professors were honest in their critiques and provided invaluable ideas and suggestions. The online support for students is excellent. I suggest that anyone interested in writing for children and teens apply to the Institute.
–Diane L. Hutchinson


I’ve had the dream to write ever since I was in grade school, but never had the support. In mid-life I received some support from family. Then I took the leap. I believe the adage I read to become a writer it takes 10% talent and 90% work. It applies in my case. Thanks to the support and encouragement of my instructor and staff I belief I have a future. And I am very grateful to all of them. Because I now have the tools and skills to move forward.
–David Hackmann


Every time I needed something [the support staff] were more than happy to help. Before the course, I had many ideas that I didn’t know how to put on paper. Even after the second assignment and the extra help on the website I was surprised that I was able to do it with relative ease that I would never even imagine before. Now, I feel much more confident! Thank you very much for that!

–Dori Mantzari


I have taken courses through the Institute for Children’s Literature, Long Ridge Writer’s Group, and the Institute for Writers.  The course materials take you into the world of writing and teach you how to think about the process of creating a publishable work. I have found the instructors to be incredibly supportive. To be honest, I am always sad when the course ends because I feel like I have lost a friend. Because of these courses I have gone on to publish several articles and am currently pursuing writing a novel for publication. If you love to write, any one of these courses will help you take your writing to the next level.

–Karen Whitehair


The instructor’s comments and editing were wonderful. I have been in writing critique groups but instructors like Karen Hammond realize how to edit and show you what to do. Best criticism I have received. If you are a writer you need the kind of criticism that shows you how to be effective in your prose. Just getting kudos of and instructor’s joy does not show you how to create a response from a reader. [The Institute for Writers] has effective and perceptive teachers
–Ben Feldman


I love the structure of the program. It assumes you’ve done some writing, and encourages you to push your writing to places you didn’t think you’d be interested in before. I’d never once contemplated nonfiction, and while my dreams and focus will remain on fiction, my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of nonfiction!
–Jim Maher


It’s early on yet and at this time I can say I am satisfied and enjoying the course and The Institute. The course appears to cover more than what I initially expected and the materials received are a bonus with the wealth of additional information, guidance and support for any writer.
–Diane Shampine


I started this course many years ago and due to my wife’s battle with cancer, I was unable to complete the course. I thank you very much for making it possible for me to complete this course. My first instructor helped me get to the last section of the course. But, Karen pushed me over the top. My hope is to have this book published. This program works. The people who work for ICL are very experienced and professional. But, to truly succeed, YOU have to put in the work and effort and listen to and practice what is being taught.
–Joseph “Joe” Steven Tuckett


I like the pacing of the course, the clarity of the mission and the expectations. I like how things are tailored (using technology) to the students need but maintains a realistic work flow for the instructor to really review my work. Overall I’m just really satisfied with the course so far.
–Angela Perez


The course is very dependent on a good relationship between student and instructor. Mine was excellent. Lynne seemed to intuitively understand what I was trying to achieve and how best to help. I hope to enter extended mentorship course to learn even more. Many thanks. I’ve read hundreds of books and completed other courses; I have a BA in English with Honors, but nothing has moved me forward more than this course. If you’re uncertain…take the leap! You’ll be glad you did.
–John Petrakian


It was an absolute privilege to continue learning through this Institute with this graduate course. I achieved so much more, and I feel even more confident than ever! Both the instructors I had were wonderful, and I owe a lot to my first instructor, Mrs. Pamela Beres, as she was the one who recommended me for this course. I also was very glad to have Mrs. Trinka Enell for the end of this course. I hope whoever takes these courses will have as much fun and learn as much, if not more, than I did, and I definitely recommend this Institute for any and all who love writing for children and young people! I decided to try my hand at self publishing through a reliable company, Kindle Direct Publishing, and they did not disappoint! I will share that if you self publish, it is up to you to promote your completed work. If you know how to do it well, it can be a successful path. I do recommend sending your work to publishers and magazines though, as it will give you experience and more (and easier) publicity. I am currently waiting patiently for responses, for as we writers understand, it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to get published. However you choose to get published, remember: always be patient and never give up; stick to it, and you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts!
–Brianna Larimore


You were my first option in English language. Because you tell what the market wants and needs. Your course is kind of business oriented and I haven’t seen this in other schools. I had some writing tools, but have no business clue. Your guidelines about the industry are gold.
–Yanina Ibarra


ICL is an organized, reasonably priced course for beginning children’s writers. My instructor was responsive, supportive, and insightful. I learned much about the craft of developing stories that will appeal to children and much about the publishing industry. I highly recommend it. ICL has been extremely helpful for me learning the craft and business of writing. The price is reasonable for what is offered. It’s tricky, because I would recommend the course to others but I don’t know if I’d do it again. I got published through other avenues (contacts, my persistence) that were unrelated to ICL. But, I don’t regret the decision at all. It was the right one at the time. Thank you so much for everything. And I am considering taking the Beyond the Basics course. I’ve had several (paid) feature articles published in our regional newspaper, Columbia River Reader (circulation 15,000). Plus a couple of unpaid articles in our local SCBWI newsletter.
–Tiffany Dickinson


This school has helped my writing exponentially and I will forever be grateful for that. The instructors and staff are fantastic and the course work is so fun to complete!
–Kelly O’Reilly


Debby was wonderful, insightful and dead on with her recommendations and trying to keep me on track. I feel like this was one of the most valuable experiences I could ever have asked for. I was able to work with an editor one on one and she helped to locate and work on my weaknesses, but also made sure she helped me find my strengths. I cannot recommend this course or experience enough. Thank-you! Invaluable experience for writing and finding your confidence and voice.
–Tierni Moore


The amount of challenges I faced during my course study made meeting my deadlines impossible. I was only able to complete my course because of the extended and genuine caring, concern and and never ending support motivation and encouragement I received from Troon, Judy, and a lovely host of others at the ICL. I still can’t believe I was accepted and able to complete my course. This is a grand and extraordinary institution with a staff that rivals its reputation. Thank you everyone. Losing my home and family at the tender age of 19 placed me on course that allowed no room for pursuing dreams for years. Then came motherhood, a journey that allowed me to dream of pursuing my dreams as a writer of children’s literature. I never lost my imagination it remained by my side and resurfaced in abundance being a mother and recreating and creating stories for my son. After 7 years of writing 15 books as a novice writer and researching how to perfect my writing, I realized I needed real professional guidance either the fates or an act of a higher power guided me to ICL. I’ve grown and learned how to perfect my writing and developed confidence a writer. I turned 50 this year, my son is completing his final test at university and for the first time in 30 years I will start the process of making my dreams a reality. ICL accepted and guided me with great care. If it weren’t for ICL I’m positive I wouldn’t feel confident and capable to move forward as a writer. This institution is magical.
–Laura Washington


Honestly I was just trying to create my own “course.” I had a couple of text books, I was listening to the podcast, I was reading tons of picture books and keeping track of them, writing down ideas, etc. I was not great at keeping up with my own schedule, though, because no one was holding me to it. I thought about joining a writer’s group for feedback, but didn’t have enough material. I LOVE the podcast, so I looked into your course, thought it sounded like a perfect fit for my needs, and enrolled. The materials make learning easy, and they also give me helpful writing exercises to work on to keep me from biting my nails while I wait for instructor feedback on my latest assignments. I tend to flounder and lose momentum when I don’t have a list of things that need done. This course is great because it provides a list of work if you have the time and want to put in the extra effort. It’s not busy work- every little bit helps hone your craft. Basically, I love that I can make the course my own. Also I really love getting feedback on each assignment so I have an idea of what I’m already doing well and what I need to work on. I always send in assignments thinking, “this is perfect,” and of course they never are! This is why I need this course! My instructor is great. She is very encouraging, offering praise when I deserve it, while also challenging me where I need challenged. She also recommends resources specific to things I need to work on, and that has been helpful. There is also almost too much time to submit each assignment. If you need the time, it’s definitely there. If you, like me, procrastinate when you know that something doesn’t need to be done immediately, you have the option of turning your work in early. I love that you have the room to try writing for different age levels to see what you like and where you need to improve. You don’t have to pick one age and stick to it.
–Dana Nahas


I love every minute of the course. I love my instructor and all her help. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to all of you.  Like most adults my life is busy. The course allowed me to do the lessons at the times that was best for me. My instructor went beyond helping me and always answered all my questions. I shared all my concerns about writing with her and she always made me feel better. Every time I would see my edited lesson in my inbox I would get so excited. Every letter from my instructor was like getting a Christmas present. I would do it all over again!!!!
–Vickie Lee


This course from Institute for Writers was a great way to further my knowledge about writing for any children’s age. I enjoyed the instruction and outline in the materials, as well as the connection with an instructor reviewing my work. She was very encouraging and provided honest and supportive critiques. Debby was excellent. She was timely and gave great feedback. I really felt she was reading and listening to everything I wrote.
–Bethany Sheffer


Very helpful staff. Friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

–Janie Tenanty


I highly recommend “Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel.” I learned so much more than if I had tried to start writing my novel on my own. My instructor was an excellent guide and cheerleader through the whole process, and the course materials were excellent. I also loved being able to work at my own pace without the pressure or worry about grades.  I feel excited to continue, now that I have completed three chapters and a synopsis. Wonderful experience!
–Carolyn Bailey


It’s a wonderful course because it brings the dream of writing into sharp focus. The editorial notes are exceptional and in my humble opinion this course is as good as any first year creative writing course, but for much less money. Thank you.
–Phyllis Colleran


A valuable hands-on writing experience! The Institute for Writers is an invaluable course for learning and refining the craft of writing. The course offers “hands-on” guidance with an instructor with whom you have a one-on-one relationship. This course is a must for anyone who wants to write and is serious about doing so.

–Joan McAuley


Thank you for all your help. I feel I have accomplished my goal for this course, having reinvigorated my enthusiasm for writing for children, and I’ve greatly appreciated working with you!
–Rebecca Ballotta


I am so proud to have earned my diploma from ICL. The expertise provided by the remarkable instructors and the many skills learned over the course of the many assignments were invaluable. I am ever so grateful and equally excited to continue along this path of writing for children!
–Heather Popat


Definitely, have your critique done with ICL! This critique gave me more confidence and hope that when I click “send” to an editor, I may answer a phone call instead of reading a standard rejection reply!
–Shelly Pollock


I learned more than I expected. This critique gave me the confidence to know my manuscript is just about “Submission Ready.” Something one is never really sure about! I would use again! I like this better than having to find a critique group that stays together and is more time-consuming. Having your manuscript critiqued saves you lots of time and will give you confidence if your manuscript is viable and ready to be submitted to a publisher.
–Shelly Pollock (again)


I didn’t know what to expect from the critique. It was much more in-depth than I imagined. It’s a story I truly enjoy, but knew I needed someone else to look at it. You know when you’ve read something so much that you gloss over the mistakes because in your head they aren’t there? At least I hope that’s a thing with other people. This critique had so many more useful tips, about names and word choice. Overall it was a wonderful experience. I will keep revising before I get the completed novel critiqued. Thanks.
–Carol Roberts


I learned more than I expected. I’ve already taken courses with IFW/ICL. Well, it can’t be any more quick to respond! It beats waiting for a rejection! At least I know I’m getting something for my money! I actually have a friend waiting for me to let her know my experience. I will say it was a quick, well structured, detailed critique. It gave me very defining advice, instruction on how to improve my manuscript and specific points of concern as I move forward. Would I invest in the service again? Yes, and I do hope ICL continues the service!
–Judy Rosati


The critique was returned to me in a day which is awesome because I want to enter a contest next week. This gives me plenty of time to revise/edit. I’d say that it’s well worth the money. The critique was thorough with areas of improvement and insight on strengths that I wouldn’t have seen or thought of as the writer. It was done promptly and I’m so glad that I got a professional eye before submitting it. The Institute of Children’s Literature once again has proven to be a necessary resource for serious writers with the professional critique service. I’m forever grateful for the instructors and critiquers who have been an integral part of my writing career–at first as a hobby and now as a writer with an agent. I started ten years ago in the first writing course and now that my kids are getting older, I’m taking another course, Writing and Selling Children’s books. I wouldn’t be where I am as a writer without the Institute.  Thank You!
–Shelley Cummings


The critique was very detailed and easy to understand. Once I revise the manuscript, I’d like to look into editing services before I send it to my agent. Yes, I’d use the critique service again. I wouldn’t submit my work without a professional critique from the Institute of Children’s Literature. I sent a manuscript before submitting it to my agent. With the detailed feedback, I can confidently make revisions and move forward in becoming a published author. I learned more than I expected.
–Shelley Cummings (again)


Encouragement through the week! Support. It has lead me to finally getting it together and managing to ship a story off to Cricket. Maybe I’ll send another tomorrow! Keep the ball rolling. That story has sat for a year. I know it sounds silly, but it is a Major achievement for me. I literally felt quite ill hitting the submit button, as for various reasons it is the first time I have sent out a manuscript in several years. Thank you for your encouragement.
–Chris Yvonne Goulet


I’m thankful for all of the revisions I’ve been able to get done. I feel like a new, enthused me. I’m also very thankful for the ICL.
–P.E. Lund


Just got my guides…I am impressed with the wealth of listings. Out-does any others I have used.  Love the examples of letters and manuscript formats, too. I can’t imagine the work to put this together. Thank you to all! … the books are a course unto themselves!
–Cathy Brenner


I graduated 2007 and took the advanced course in 2009.  I am still in touch with two of my mentors. I couldn’t have started my career without all the help and support from ICL!
–Donna Burke Seim


Thanks for adding me. I’m happy to see ICL on Facebook! Since graduating, I’ve published my first YA fantasy, The Phantom of Faerie Mountain (Book 1 of The Red King Trilogy) and am working on the second installment, The Secret of Berry Brae Circle. Cheers to all!
–Erin McIntyre


I’m excited to be actively involved with ICL again. Since graduating, I have two published children’s picture books and one coming out next year. The first is Heaven Just Believe and the 2nd Leyni’s God Adventure with an official release date soon. All profits go to support, Freedon13.org, a nonprofit organization to end trafficking of children.
–Sandy Hill


I am working on my first course with ICL…my little voice had the same things to say… maybe they do accept everybody? But my big voice told me how much I wanted this dream to become a reality and with all the online research that left my head spinning, I really needed direction from one place.  SOOOO ICL is my starting point… they will help me find my voice… picture books? middle grade? YA??? ALL of them? There is a magnificent group here that must have somehow found their way here through ICL… I am so far loving the positive feedback and “kick in the butt” I need to write at last one hour a day… I know I can write…but I need the direction to show me how to make my writing good enough to be published! Good luck! Hope you stay with ICL!
–Gabrielle Copeland Schoeffield


The materials available to help is seemingly limitless.
–Dennis P. Sanchez


It’s been so amazing – I’ve had 5 books published with Dancing With Bear Publishing (Christian teen fiction trilogy, MG, and marriage non-fiction), numerous stories/articles published, on-going assignments with Union Gospel Press, and just signed with an agent for my Christian romantic suspense novel! And to think it all started with a little course from ICL… 😉 My journey began with an ICL course.
–Laura Caron Thomas


I noticed the “Canadian Tales of the Fantastic Contest” listed in the Hot Contest/Market section of the newsletter and felt compelled to enter. A few months later, I learned that the story I submitted had been selected for the anthology Red Tuque Books puts out every year and that my story had been awarded an honourable mention in the contest. Now I can proudly say I’m a published author, my confidence in my writing has been boosted, and I’m looking to submit a few more stories to a few more contests this year. I would have never done that if you guys hadn’t listed the contest in your newsletter. So thank you for doing that!

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