Breaking into print

for incarcerated

Changing Lives Through Education

Everyone has a story!

Students choose to take Breaking Into Print for a variety of reasons:
  • They realize the value of education
  • One-on-one mentor
  • To become knowledgeable in understanding the fundamentals of writing and publishing
  • To share their story with the world
  • Would like to show the parole board they are working on a positive endeavor

No matter the reason, their story is worth sharing!

To get started:

Step 1: Request Info for your friend or loved one

Step 2: The IFW team will mail your friend or loved one a Free Writing Sample to the address you provide

Step 3: Your friend or loved one must complete and return the Writing Sample

Step 4: Professional evaluators review your friend or loved one’s Writing Sample at no cost

Step 5: The IFW team will mail the Writing Sample results to your friend or loved one at their facility

There is no obligation!

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Students develop the techniques of professional-level writing.