Writing and Selling Children's Books



Writing & Selling Children's Books is an advanced training program specifically designed for selected ICL or IFW graduates. It’s designed to increase your prospects for success as a freelance children's book writer since you’ll not only improve your writing, but you’ll also learn how to sell your work to a publisher.

What’s the most important feature of Writing and Selling Children’s Books?
The in-depth involvement and participation of your instructor. You’ll always have a guide to help you define your goals, plan your book ideas, and target the age and interests of your audience. As in your previous course, you'll set the pace at which you complete your assignments. However, your writing will determine the content and direction of this course. Whether you decide to write a manuscript that will become a young adult novel, or three picture book manuscripts, this course is designed to ensure that by the time you graduate, you’ll have at least one long or three short manuscripts ready to submit to publishers.



By the time you finish this advanced program, you will complete either three short manuscripts (picture books, for example), of up to 2,500 words, or one long manuscript of up to 60,000 words––with the ability to continue to work independently as a freelance children’s and/or young adult book writer. 





Flexibility is a key characteristic of this course. It’s designed to be shaped to your needs, your writing goals, and your schedule, while also giving you the wisdom, structure, and motivation only a seasoned mentor can provide.

Clearly, your work will demand a substantial amount of your instructor’s time and involvement in guiding you to the successful completion of your book. (Or books!) Your instructor will teach you the same skills and techniques that he or she used, and continues to use successfully, in writing and selling books.  

This advanced writing program expands on your first course in these important ways:

           •    Your relationship with your instructor will be more than that of student-tutor. The entire course will mirror a writer-editor professional relationship because Writing & Selling Children's Books is designed to train you for professional-level work.

           •    You'll also get clearly focused guidance from your instructor in your selection of the specific publishers for your writing, and in targeting your writing to editors' exact specifications. You’ll actually make these specifications part of your assignment––before you begin to write, revise, or rewrite––so that your finished product will be right on target.


Your tuition covers all your textbooks, including the Course Manual and ICL's latest market directory. They are sent to you when you enroll.

Although we cannot promise you publishing success, we know of no other course as well suited to the challenging task of transforming a promising writer into a successful writer, marketer, and author of books for children and teen book publishers. If success in writing is your goal, this should be your course.

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The Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards recommends that graduates be awarded six college credits for completing this advanced course. We have arranged for you to obtain these six college credits from Charter Oak State College, which functions under the credit-granting authority of the Connecticut Board.

No matter where you live, you can have these credits submitted on a Charter Oak transcript to any other college or university, for a fee, when you complete the course. (If you are a teacher, the transcript will be sent to your local school board at your request.) Full information is available from the Institute’s student counselors to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Graduates receive the Institute's coveted diploma.




The tuition for the complete course of instruction, if paid in full at the time of enrollment, is $895 plus $19 shipping (US only; other countries will vary). With our monthly payment plan, $85 is due upon enrollment, with $85 payable per month for 10 months, for a total of $935 plus shipping. Tuition is all-inclusive: texts and sales taxes, where applicable, are all included.


For more information, please contact: StudentServices@InstituteChildrensLit.com

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"Your comments, suggestions, and helpful hints were always 'on the mark,' and invaluable for me to get some understanding about the art of writing and expressing ideas and thoughts. Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for everything over these many months. Your mentorship has been the feature of this course that has made it all worthwhile."

John Fuchs, Graduate

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