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Beyond the Basics

Publishing Market: Magazines | $1,515

Beyond the Basics is designed to train you for independent, professional-level work. By the time you finish this course you will complete at least four manuscripts that are suitable for submission to magazine editors. The course teaches the development, writing, and revision of three articles and/or stories suitable for submission to current children’s publications. The emphasis is on targeting writing to editorial needs including advanced work in researching, planning, writing, self-editing, and creating submissions directed to meet editorial specifications of children’s magazines.

Writing and Selling Children's Books

Publishing Market: Books | $1,515

Writing and Selling Children’s Books is a carefully designed bridge that takes students from a basic course level towards independence as a freelance writer of children’s books who also knows how to sell a book manuscript to a publisher. Students play a stronger role in defining personal writing goals, idea development, planning, writing, and revising a fiction or nonfiction book targeted to a specific readership (children through young adult). Students research editorial needs of the children’s book market and submit submission materials and the book manuscript to a specific publisher.

Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel

Publishing Market: Books | $1,515

Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel teaches the entire process of crafting a novel, starting with the solid foundation of a saleable idea; finding the genre that matches the idea; creating a chapter-by-chapter outline, writing and revising the first three chapters; researching and identifying a market; and developing a submission packet targeted to an appropriate editor or agent. The submission packet includes a synopsis of the entire novel and a query letter written to an editor or agent of the student’s choice

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Our 3 Advanced Courses are offered by instructor recommendation to select graduates of our 4 Basic Courses. Interested in enrolling in Advanced course?


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