At the Institute, we focus on being a resource for published authors and aspiring writers. We strive to provide you with tools to support your writing goals. Not only are these tools useful when you start writing, they’ll also become touchstones throughout your writing career.


In the Writing for Children podcast, we talk trade tips, interview published authors, and share what has inspired us along the way. We cover how to write a children’s book, how to submit to children’s magazines, how to get paid for your writing, and how to get published.

Writing for Children Blog

ICL’s weekly blog article features freelance writer Jan Fields. With over 100 published books and magazine articles under her belt, Jan delivers first-hand knowledge on how to sharpen, submit, and market your writing. Jan’s articles explore inevitable writing struggles and offers timeless strategies and techniques to support you in reaching your writing goals.

Writing for Adults Blog

Learn from published authors who have spent decades perfecting their writing craft. Our bi-weekly posts offer ways to improve your craft and support your writing for adult genres such as romance, mystery, thriller, memoir, and more.

Writer's Toolkit

You’re a writer. Writers have questions—big and small: How can I keep my reader engaged? What’s the right way to format this manuscript? What kind of book am I writing anyway? Our Writer’s Toolkit has you covered. Enjoy these free resources developed by industry professionals including a genre guide, how to show and not tell, and help with industry standards for formatting, dialogue, and punctuation.

ICL Newsletter

Our Institute of Children’s Literature newsletter is a weekly look at hot markets accepting submissions and cool resources and tips to improve your writing. Sign up and receive our ICL Submission Prep Package as a welcome gift.

IFW Newsletter

Our Institute for Writers newsletter offers a bi-weekly look at ways to improve your writing craft with writing tools, hot markets accepting submissions, and cool writer resources delivered directly to your inbox. Perfect for writers writing for adult genres.

The Ultimate Guides to Getting Published

Writing is a team sport. If you’re a writer, you need support. You need tools. You need a leg up and a trusted network. Successful children’s writers get that insider’s advantage by keeping the latest ICL market directories within easy reach.

Packed with contacts from
over 1,200 publishers

Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers 2021 lists virtually every market in North America that buys freelance editorial material for children, teens, their parents, and teachers. More than 670 listings include publishers, contact information, current submissions guidelines, and rights and payment details, plus information on contests, confrences, and industry news.

Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2021 A companion to Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers, this comprehensive guide to book publishers lists publishers of fiction and nonfiction books for young readers and teens, contains articles by specialists in the field, and detailed subject and category indexes. Also includes listings for reputable literary agents and agencies and what they’re currently looking for in submissions.

Plus, if you're looking for an agent to partner with in your writing career, you'll find over 80 agencies listed in our 2021 Book Market Guide.

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