Writing is one thing. Teaching is another.

Meet our instructors—they are pros at both.

Imagine working one-on-one with a published author or seasoned editor who understands the publishing industry. At the Institute, one of our instructors will become your personal mentor. You’ll work together to identify and achieve your writing goals. Think goal setting, targeting, planning, editing, and critiquing assignments—this is how your instructor will prepare you and your work for today’s marketplace.

Photos Instructor Page 0003 Clara Giltrow Clark

Clara Gillow Clark

“What do you care most about and why? That’s where a story begins, since the best ideas will not come from your head but from your heart, the place where ideas and emotional truth meet.”

Photos Instructor Page 0013 Nancy Coffelt Headshot

Nancy Coffelt

“Writing for kids means you get to STAY a kid! And by 'kid,' someone who is fine with having their seat in a chair until all the words sound just right…”

Photos Instructor Page 0011 Sheila Foard photo

Sheila Wood Foard

“Writing is like hiking in the mountains. If you’re down in the hollow, every path leads uphill. But the view from the ridge is worth the strenuous climb.”

Photos Instructor Page 0010 Sue Ford

Sue Ford

“One of the best disciplines is writing to theme lists. Not only can this provide the motivation of a deadline, but often the suggested themes inspire one to create stories that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.”

Photos Instructor Page 0018 Kris Franklin

Kris Franklin

“I once read about a novelist whose daily goal was two well-polished pages, which seemed trifling until I realized he was producing over seven hundred pages a year. It’s like the proverb of the journey that begins with a single step-or in this case with a single word on a blank sheet of paper.”

Photos Instructor Page 0019 karen hammond instructor photo

Karen Hammond

“In many ways, writing is its own reward. That said, nothing quite compares to the thrill of seeing your byline in print for the first time. It will be a day you’ll never forget!.”

Photos Instructor Page 0008 Troon Harrison

Troon Harrison

“Through creativity, writers seek their true voice, their authentic selves, and their path forward.”

Photos Instructor Page 0002 Donna Ippolito

Donna Ippolito

“Among all the advice on writing, the bottom line is finding a regular time and place to write-even if only 5 minutes a day or 10 minutes a week. Writing has to become a habit rather than a luxury.”

Photos Instructor Page 0009 Susan Ludwig 200 x 200

Susan Ludwig

“There is no way to know what readers want, what editors like, and what a good story sounds like unless you read all the time.”

Photos Instructor Page 0015 Lori Mortensen

Lori Mortensen

“What’s the secret to writing for children? Read, read, read! Then, write the story or article that you’d love to read if you were that child. If you keep at it, I’m confident you will succeed.”

Photos Instructor Page 0017 Kristen Wolden Nitz

Kristin Wolden Nitz

“Don’t just write what you know. Write what you care about. Pursue the subjects that fascinate you, and your passion will shine through to the reader.”

Photos Instructor Page 0020 Cindy Savage

Cindy Savage

"The only difference between a would-be-writer and an author is practice and persistence. So take out your pen, put it on paper, and let the words flow.”

Photos Instructor Page 0012 pegi2015 headshot

Pegi Deitz Shea

“The word ‘writing’ is only part of a bigger and more important word, ‘rewriting.’ And ‘vision’ is only part of ‘revision’.”

Photos Instructor Page 0007 Victoria Sherow

Victoria Sherrow

“It starts with an idea, something special you want to write about. Then write from the heart - find the ‘heart’ of what you are writing. Most of all: Write, write, write.”

Lynn Smith IFW Instructor

Lynne Smith

“To write better, read more.”

Photos Instructor Page 0005 K. Thompson photo

Kristi Collier Thompson

“Writing isn't a nine-to-five job. You can write wherever you are, whenever you are. Writing is your opportunity to give your dreams a voice. Everyone has a story to tell.”

Instructor Linda Triegel

Linda Triegel

“Be persistent. Learn your craft. Read extensively in the genre you want to write in. Write every day.”

Photos Instructor Page 0006 Vetter ICL Instructor Photo 2021

Deborah Vetter

“If I could give only two pieces of advice, they would be (1) persistence is the key to achieving your goals as a writer, and (2) everything is grist for the mill.”

Photos Instructor Page 0001 VlahakisBIOPIC 1

Andrea Vlahakis

“Writing is rewriting. That's where you'll create your story or article, in draft after draft.”

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