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Breaking into Print

The program that prepares you for success

Great writers need a good foundation.

Whether you're drawn to the psychological thrill of Stephen King or the satirical bite of Mark Twain, you understand that a well-written story can transform and transport readers. These literary masters didn't just "happen" to create a classic work; they were students who, just like you, committed to learning the fundamentals of their craft.

Our course, Breaking Into Print, gives you the same tools that Twain, King, and thousands of other writers used to captivate their audiences and publish stories that have changed the world. Our faculty will teach you those essential elements of the fiction and nonfiction crafts.

The Course

Look at the bestseller lists and see what’s published online and in magazines, and you’ll notice fiction and nonfiction genres thriving equally, each with great opportunity for new voices.

That’s why we designed Breaking Into Print to prepare you for many facets of the editorial marketplace. By alternating assignments in fiction and nonfiction techniques, Breaking into Print gives you clear insight into the possibilities for both forms. You learn fiction techniques and how to borrow certain nonfiction techniques to make your short stories solid and grounded. You learn nonfiction techniques and how to use key fiction techniques to make your articles dramatic and compelling.

This unique method of intertwining instruction teaches you how certain techniques of one form of writing can be used with dramatic effect to enhance the strength, interest, and readability of the other.

Combined training also gives you the best basis for choosing to concentrate in a specific genre, be it mystery, sci-fi, humor, another fiction niche, or in travel, religion, autobiography, or another nonfiction specialty. You may choose to continue your training blending fiction and nonfiction rather than selecting a specific genre. At the Institute, the choice is yours. Whatever your direction, Breaking into Print will help you fulfill your writing goals.

Breaking into Print gives you the basic elements of all good contemporary writing. You’ll also learn the marketing skills that will help you get your writing into print.

"The secret to getting ahead," Twain famously said, "is getting started." When it comes to being a writer, we couldn't agree more. It's why we created Breaking Into Print for our students.

College Credits

Breaking into Print is recommended for seven college credits by the Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards. The credits are available through Charter Oak State College for a separate fee. Full information is available from the Institute’s Registrar to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

Tax Deductibility

Writers, teachers, and others whose business skills are enhanced by the writing techniques developed in our program may qualify for a tax deduction. Consult your tax advisor to learn if you qualify.


The tuition for Breaking Into Print can be paid through a monthly payment plan of $80 per month for 12 months with an initial payment of $99 payable on enrollment. You make your first monthly payment one month after you enroll. When you pay in full the tuition is the lesser price of $995. The course tuition includes all personal instruction, required textbooks, reference materials, and sales taxes, where applicable.  Note: this tuition is effective through July 31, 2020.

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