Find out what’s working in your manuscript, what’s not, and how to fix it.

Between our two schools for writing (for adult and children’s literature) our instructors have taught over 470,000 people writing techniques in various genres. Now through our Critique Service, you don’t have to be enrolled in one of our courses to take advantage of their wisdom.

The critique service provides:

In-depth notes from an Institute instructor, all published writers themselves, on the quality of your manuscript, including what’s working and not working in your story. This include your characters, voice, plot, dialogue, setting, and style.


  • An annotated critique (comments are in the margins using Word’s Track Changes)
  • Analysis on what’s working, and what’s not
  • Insight into your weaknesses as well as your strengths
  • Constructive feedback on whether your dialogue is strong, if your characters are compelling, and if your scenes interesting enough to grab a reader
  • Recommendations on where you need to improve and if your grammar, spelling, or structure needs work
  • Guidance for your next revision
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What’s the difference between a critique service and editorial feedback?

The purpose of a critique is to improve the story: to identify overall problems in a manuscript in order to allow the writer to revise in a focused and productive way. When a manuscript is critiqued, it’s an opportunity to find out if your reader is confused, believes your character, and whether your scenes ring true, feel right, and make sense. The IFW critiquer looks at your submission with a fresh professional eye and is able to point out inconsistencies, unnecessary characters, scenes, or dialogue.

An editor helps fix the problems and/or instructs how to fix those problems; editorial feedback usually comes at a later stage in the writing process when the work is much tighter.

This is a critique only service.

Hundreds of thousands of books are being published now. You want yours to stand out with a solid critique from an experienced professional.

Whether you’re working on fiction, nonfiction, first pages, picture book, memoir, short story, romance,
sci-fi, fantasy, or horror, we’ve got you covered. Any one work of writing you want critiqued, whether for an adult or children's audience can be submitted.

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