Revise to Publish (Self-Guided Course)Revise to Publish (Self-Guided Course)
    • Revise to Publish (Self-Guided Course)
    • Revise to Publish (Self-Guided Course)

Revise to Publish (Self-Guided Course)

    Published authors know the crucial role that self-editing and manuscript rewriting have in crafting manuscripts that appeal to editors.

    Getting your concept down on paper is important, but developing the ability to take a fresh second look at your own writing, to revise your manuscript to eliminate weaknesses, reinforce strengths, and especially to fit the requirements of editors, are critical skills that are required to generate sales.

    Children's writers who have developed these special skills have stepped up to the next level of publishing success.

    They have turned rejection slips into checks and created rewarding long-term relationships with editors.  This is what we want for you.

    And now, it's within your reach.  In 10 at-home workshops, you will be totally immersed in developing the self-editing skills professional authors use to hone their manuscripts -  to meet publishers' individual requirements.

    Only the Institute of Children's Literature, with its track record of having trained more than 11,000 published writers, its reputation as a leader in this specialized field, and its ongoing relationships with editors - knowing how they think and what they want - could put together a self-editing "immersion" program for writers as valuable and innovative as Revise to Publish.

    Included as a bonus with your course materials is Word Magic for Writers, and a copy of the most current edition of ICL's unique annual directory, Magazine Markets for Children's Writers.

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