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Writing it Right!

There are Nine Essential Questions that all writers must answer before any manuscript is finished—and before it can win an editor’s acceptance.

Revision is often considered one of the most difficult tasks for fiction writers—until now. Award-winning author and creative writing teacher Sandy Asher simplifies the process with this fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at how 20 accomplished children’s authors tackled actual revisions on their own stories.

You’ll learn how to make the process your own through the use of Nine Essential Questions, the ones that editors use to evaluate manuscripts every day. No matter what age group you’re writing for, you can harness the power of revision to write it right—and get it published.

412 pages. Size: 7 x 9

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By Mara Kim Amazon review, Verified Purchase

"This is another great read from [ICL]... When I saw this particular one, I grabbed it immediately ... This book is a great addition to a writer's (whether published or not) shelf ... I highly recommend their writing courses. You receive feedback on your work from published authors. You will be encouraged but also pushed to make your story from good to great."