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If you've ever dreamed of writing for children and creating stories and books that get published, here’s your best chance to learn what it takes to convert that writing dream into a bright reality.

If you qualify, one of our nationally published writer/instructors will be your personal mentor on every assignment and teach you how to write the kinds of manuscripts that editors are looking for.

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For Children's Writers

With first hand knowledge of editorial needs, your instructor develops a teaching plan that meets your individual needs and goals and then guides you with constructive encouragement every step of the way.

ICL: The center for children’s writing

Today, after more than 47 years of single-minded devotion to the juvenile market, the Institute has become the foremost teacher of new children’s writers in North America.

From the day we opened our doors in 1969, the Institute of Children’s Literature has specialized exclusively in teaching its students how to write for children and teenagers, and how to market their writing to publishers. We are specialists in market-based writing instruction.

Our one-on-one training by a seasoned writer or editor in the craft of writing for young readers, along with expert guidance in marketing your writing, is an unbeatable combination. You won’t find either of these instructional techniques at most schools, colleges, or universities. You’ll find both at ICL.

Of course, only you can achieve success for yourself; we can’t promise you that. However we can promise – and deliver – unsurpassed preparation for success in the creative development and preparation of your writing for publication.

The effectiveness of our courses comes from the highly personal relationship between student and instructor. The instructor develops a teaching plan for each student’s beginning level of skill, and they work as a team to achieve the student’s objectives. ICL has taught thousands of aspiring authors how to find their own writing niche--and how to break into print. We welcome you!


Official State Educational Approval


Our courses, as well as our organization, its business practices, and our educational program, are approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education, which is the authority that licenses all proprietary schools, technical institutes, junior colleges, colleges, and universities in the state of Connecticut, including Yale and the University of Connecticut.

High Satisfaction Ratings

Of 1,400 colleges and universities surveyed over several years by U.S. News & World Report magazine, the highest-ranking institution, in terms of student satisfaction, scored 73%. By comparison, 89.7% of those who completed our program report that they were “very satisfied”; 98% “would do it all over again”; and 97.7% “would recommend our program to a good friend.”

100% Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee

We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction; however, if you are not satisfied that you have become a better writer and learned how to market your writing to editors and publishers, as a result of completing our program, simply request a refund within 60 days of the date on your diploma and you will get back every penny you’ve paid.

You Earn College Credits

The Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards recommends that students who complete our program be awarded six college credits. No matter where you live, these credits may be obtained from Charter Oak State College, which functions under the degree-granting authority of the Connecticut Board. You can have these credits submitted on a Charter Oak transcript to any college or university. (If you are a teacher, your transcript will be sent to your school board, at your request.)

Professional Faculty

All of our instructors are highly professional published writers or editors whom we have trained to teach our program. They have written more than 20,000 stories and articles that have appeared in a wide range of national magazines and newspapers, and on the Internet. They have published over 900 books.

Personal One-on-One Instruction

Each student is assigned to his or her own personal instructor and they work together, one-on-one, for the duration of the course. This tutorial technique has been used exclusively because it has proved to be the most effective method ever developed to teach people how to write for publication.

Verification from Our Students

Hundreds of current and former students in the U.S. and Canada have volunteered to give new applicants the benefit of their experience in the program. If you pass our test, just ask us for the names and addresses of students in your area you may contact.

Student Success

On average, more than 300 of our students, including those who have completed our course, are published every year.

Expert Consultation

Our Student Counselors are available four days a week to answer your questions about any aspect of the program, the textbooks and teaching materials, and your assignments.

Better Business Bureau

Institute for Writers is an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau and adheres to its guiding principles. For a complete, free report, visit

Admission Eligibility

Since our founding in 1969, we have followed the U.S. Federal Trade Commission Guides for Private Vocational and Home Study Schools without exception: Only those applicants who pass our Writing Test are eligible to enroll in our course.

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For Children's Writers

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