IFW - Advanced Courses

Graduates of our popular writing course, Breaking Into Print, often desire to go deeper into their studies.

IFW offers an advanced course for eligible graduates in which they can continue their studies and earn additional college credits.

As with all our courses, these utilize our customized, one-on-one method. You set the pace and your instructor fits his or her schedule to yours. This one-on-one pairing of an aspiring writer with a skilled mentor offers you a quality and intensity of training in writing for publication that is unmatched by any college or online course.

Advanced courses at the Institute For Writers:

For more information, please contact: learn@instituteforwriters.com

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"I've taken two courses with ICL and loved my instructors.  They are very thorough, knowledgable and beyond helpful.  The second course was the novel writing one and I signed a contract for the book I was working on in the course while I was finishing up my last assignment.  It was published last October.  I highly recommend taking the course!!"

Carolyn Savage

Great Read!

By Mara Kim Amazon review, Verified Purchase

"This is another great read from [ICL]... When I saw this particular one, I grabbed it immediately ... This book is a great addition to a writer's (whether published or not) shelf ... I highly recommend their writing courses. You receive feedback on your work from published authors. You will be encouraged but also pushed to make your story from good to great."