About us? First let’s talk about you.

(You can read about us below.)

Pop quiz: What do Woodstock, Yoko Ono, and you have in common? 

Woodstock took place in 1969. Yoko Ono was blamed for the breakup of the Beatles in 1969. And you became the focus of the Institute of Children’s Literature in 1969. Because we focus on writers.

That's when we started, and ever since then, (and that is a long time ago!) our focus has been on you, the writer. Our faculty provides students with one-on-one attention and training to become great writers. So yes, we’re about you because we’re not happy unless you’re happy and successful. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way as you become a better writer. 

Whether you’re a writer or potential student, we don't view you as just a number. Well, except when that number is a one; our one-on-one classroom model is a testament to that.

But we do want you to be a part of our numbers. Over 14,000 students who have taken our course have already been published, and some before they’d even graduated!!  YOU deserve to be in that count. We're adding to it every day. 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? 

  • Could I write a magazine article good enough to be published?
  • Whose writing course is best for me and which is best suited to my skills?
  • I've always wanted to write a book for children but where do I start?
  • How can I learn to write a novel that'll really hook my audience from the first page?

I wonder if I even have the talent to write?

If you answered "yes" to any of them, you're in the right place!

Are you interested in fiction? Nonfiction? Picture books? Young adult? Or are you looking for an adult readership? The Institute for Writers can help. Of all the major institutions devoted to the teaching of writing, we alone test your aptitude before you enroll because we want to make sure you have the skills and the aptitude to complete the course work with success. After our evaluators have confirmed your potential as a writer, you’ll learn and you’ll write with greater confidence. You will learn how to write a children's book.
We've been doing this for decades. Yep, ever since a letter was .06 to mail, a new car cost about $2,000, and the first American set foot on the moon.

Are you ready to click here to take the test? See if you have the aptitude to write for children.

Or click here to take the test to see if you have the aptitude to write for adults.

Okay. Now about us.

Author Katie Davis was well aware of ICL's solid reputation when she was part of the faculty one year at a Highlights Foundation workshop. While there, she learned that the two men who founded the school, Bryan Judge and Prescott Kelly, were talking about retiring. What was to become of the school?

The minute she got home, Katie and her husband Jerry, (also an experienced writer as well as producer and business owner) started a journey that ended them up at the helm of the Institute for Writers, the umbrella name for both the Institute of Children's Literature and Institute for Writers (formerly Long Ridge Writers Group). Under their direction, the Institute of Children's Literature and Institute for Writers began the expansion process in order to continue providing reliable, high quality training to writers across the globe.

Back when the Beatles were breaking up and those spacemen were dancing on the moon, the vision was simple.

  • Our school would be where college level students could learn to write
  • Our faculty would be published authors and committed educators
  • Our students would be people with the skill and drive to become writers
  • Our courses would be taught by our faculty in a customized one-on-one method.

And the vision grows and continues to this day.

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