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I’d seen the ad before: “Take our aptitude assessment and if you qualify, one our instructors––all of whom are nationally published authors––will be your personal mentor on every single assignment in our Writing for Children and Teens course.” It seemed fishy to me, kind of like those old Charles Atlas ads.

June 7, 2016

It was 1999, I was teaching middle school in Texas, and I wanted to be a children’s book writer so badly. I completed the aptitude test and waited.

When I got the package saying I had been accepted, I didn’t think it was real. Who would say I could be a real writer? It had to be a hoax. Plus I didn’t have a lot of money, so I tossed the acceptance envelope in the trash.

11p.m.––I got up to fish it out of the trash.

7a.m.––drinking coffee. I threw it back in the trash.

This went on until finally I took it to the dumpster, but I never stopped thinking about what would have happened if I’d signed up.

Recently I heard that Katie Davis had become the Director of the Institute. I knew her from her podcast, Brain Burps About Books, and from a friend who is a great children’s book writer. I knew Katie was the real deal, so I went back on that site and retook the aptitude test, now 17 years later. Yet again, I received an acceptance letter. The second I saw it, good 'ole Miss Negativity showed up as well. 

Is this a hoax, I wondered? 

I’m not kidding when I tell you that I threw it away again! I am my own worst enemy. I reminded myself that I’ll never know if it could have been a turning point back when I first took the test. And unless I try, I'll never know what I could donow.

So I pretended to myself that my husband threw away my packet (it's easier to blame him!) and emailed the Institute’s office. Then I signed up. So here I am, waiting for my first letter and assignment. I also joined the Facebook groupbecause I’m doing this.

I’m not going to dip my toe in. I’m jumping in with intention.

Every Tuesday, on this blog, I’ll be reflecting on my progress, right here where you can see me. It’ll help keep me accountable, and it’ll help you see how someone works the program, I hope.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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Kimberley Moran is a gifted and talented teacher and freelance writer who lives in Hampden, Maine. She has two children and one very nice husband. Kimberley would like her bio to make her sound brilliant, witty, and kind because she knows that when you write and read you get to be anyone you want to be.

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