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More Writer's First Aid

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You won’t actually find bandages or medicine in Kristi Holl’s latest self-help book, More Writer's First Aid. But in 48 chapters, you will find cures for dealing with disappointment and jealousy, writing despite physical and emotional pain, banishing procrastination once and for all, and combining writing with babies, bylines, and school-age children.

While your personal challenges and obstacles may not be the same as Kristi Holl’s, her experience in mentoring hundreds of writers over 25 years has given her clear insight into the problems that beset writers of every stripe. You’ll find that the 48 situations she describes are very familiar, and you’ll find her solutions ingenious, simple, practical, and most of all effective.

Kristi Holl has 42 books published in 30 years of writing, has taught writing for the Institute of Children's Literature for more than 25 years, and has guided, mentored, and taught hundreds of aspiring writers.

192 pages. Size: 6 x 9.

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