Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2021

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Writing is a team sport. If you’re a writer, you need support. You need tools. You need guidance. For 40 years, Book Markets for Children’s Writers has supported and taught tens of thousands of writers to sell picture books, middle-grade titles, young adult, and more. Inside you’ll discover we’ve provided you with the inside edge, all aimed to push you in the right direction, and guide you to your goal of publication.
More than just a book of markets, Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2021 offers a complete roadmap to the changing world of publishing. We have the inside scoop on what print and digital publishers are looking for 2021.
In addition to 622 new and updated listings, you’ll find bonus articles to boost your knowledge of the industry and increase your odds of getting published. Plus, you’ll find sections devoted to helping you create a polished submissions package including how to write and format a query letter and how to properly format your manuscript so you can make a professional impression on publishers.

The 2021 Book Market Guide is perfect for you if you want…

  • your odds of getting published to improve.
  • to have access to 622 publishers.
  • to read over 42 all-new listings.
  • to find out where the latest literary agents are.
  • to have access to writing contests and awards.

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