ICL Narrative Nonfiction Picture Book Contest


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Tell us a true story!

This contest is your chance to show us your skills at crafting a narrative nonfiction picture book manuscript! Your manuscript should be about a true event or real person but told with storytelling elements including but not limited to character development, inciting incident, rising tension, climax, and resolution. Be sure your manuscript is well-researched and cite your resources.

Your narrative nonfiction picture book manuscript must be aimed at 6-8-year-olds with a beginning, middle, and end for your chance to win! Remember, a good picture book manuscript leaves room for plenty of illustration opportunities. (No illustrations should be sent with your entry. This is a text only contest.)

Entries must be no more than 800 words. Submissions must be previously unpublished and not under contract.

We can’t wait to hear your true stories!

Read the full contest rules here.

DEADLINE: September 30, 2023

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