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Increase your chances of getting published by knowing exactly what publishers are looking in submissions today!

Magazine Markets Guide for Children’s Writers 2023 offers a complete roadmap to the changing world of publishing. We have the inside scoop on what print and digital publishers are looking for in 2023. We personally reach out to every major children’s publisher for current names, addresses, submission contacts, and insider info. Think: newly available freelance markets, those recently out-of-business, and which ones give you the best shot at publication now. Inside you’ll find listings for literary magazines, to glossies, to ezines, and more.

To help you sell your writing and build a career, the 2023 edition of Magazine Markets Guide for Children’s Writers is organized so that you can tailor your queries and submissions to any variety of markets you might choose as efficiently as possible. The magazine listings in the market directory are divided into five sections:

  • For Children: This section includes publications that are directed specifically to children and teens. They publish fiction, nonfiction, activities, poetry, and all the various genres kids and young adults read.
  • Classroom and Educational: The next section of listings is directed to teachers, children’s and YA librarians, coaches, caregivers, and others whose lives involve the care and education of young people.
  • Parenting: Always a growing market with many regional and national opportunities, parenting magazines can be the backbone of a career for writers who want to focus in some way on children.
  • Religious: Sunday school and other religious publications abound for children and families.
  • Of Interest: The listings in this section include publications that may be of interest to children and teens. To provide our readers with as many potential markets as possible, we include magazines that cover such subjects as sports and hobbies, science fiction, fairy tales, and animals.

In addition to 583 new and updated listings, you’ll find bonus articles to boost your knowledge of the industry and increase your odds of getting published. Plus, you’ll find sections devoted to helping you create a polished submissions package including how to write and format a query letter and how to properly format your manuscript so you can make a professional impression on publishers.

The 2023 Magazine Market Guide is perfect for you if you want…

  • your odds of getting published to improve.
  • access to 583 publishers.
  • to discover 32 all-new listings.
  • to find out where the latest writing conferences are.
  • access to writing contests and awards.
  • free shipping!*

If you want every submission to count, consider this: we’ve invested thousands of editorial hours and tens of thousands of dollars to update these guides and bring you the most comprehensive 2023 Market Guides you’ll find.


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