SciFi/Fantasy Critique (up to 115,000 words)



Can readers connect with your world? Do the ‘rules” of your sci-fi or fantasy world remain consistent throughout the story? Are there any plot holes in your epic? Time for a fresh set of eyes and feedback from a published author!

Get in-depth notes from an Institute instructor on the quality of your manuscript so you know exactly what’s working and what’s not. Find out how your characters, voice, plot, dialogue, setting, and style are resonating with the readers.

Your critique includes detailed notes and observations as well as an annotated Word doc with in-line suggestions to consider in your manuscript.

Once you make your purchase, your receipt will include a link to upload your manuscript to our online critique submission form.  Your critique will be returned in 2-3 weeks.

This critique is for a science fiction or fantasy manuscript of up to 115,000 words aimed at an adult audience. Your protagonist will be in their 20s or older. (For teen protagonists, check out our YA Novel Critique here.)

Let us help you stretch your readers minds with new worlds, new species, and new stories!

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