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Learn how to write publishable manuscripts for the children, young adult, or adult markets. Fiction or nonfiction, books or magazines—you choose!

Writing for Children and Teens Course

Publishing Market: Magazines and Books

Our signature, customized course designed to teach aspiring authors how to write for the children and teen markets. Learn to write fiction stories and nonfiction articles for print and digital publication.

You'll leave the course with:

  • One submission-ready manuscript
  • One cover/query letter
  • One Publisher choice
  • Finish with your choice: one children’s book manuscript or the first three chapters of a YA novel

Breaking into Print Course

Publishing Market: Magazines

Our signature, customized writing course designed for writers working toward publishing for the adult audience. Learn to write and market fiction stories and nonfiction articles for magazines.

You'll leave the course with:

  • At least two manuscripts ready for submission
  • Two cover/query letters
  • Two publisher choices


Meet Yehuwdiyth

Graduate of Writing for Children and Teens

July 2023

"When I began this journey with Institute of Children’s Literature, I hoped my writing and storytelling skills would improve. Well, they improved greatly, and my instructor introduced new ideas and ways of thinking that I appreciate as a writer. I will forever hold this institution in my heart for its commitment and passion for writing." - Yehuwdiyth Yodhhewawhe


How do I submit my writing sample?

Click on the SUBMIT WRITING SAMPLE buttons above to submit for either writing for adults or writing for children. Follow the prompts in the form to either upload a prewritten writing sample or write new piece of up to 600 words, within the form itself.

What happens with my Writing Sample?

Your sample will be reviewed in confidence by professional evaluators to determine your eligibility into our college-level courses. You'll receive your results in 3-5 business days. If you qualify, you can enroll online and get started in your course right away!

When can I start my program?

As soon as you get your results! You can enroll through our online enrollment form. As a student, you work at your own pace. You'll have up to 2 years to complete the course, with your one-on-one instructor as your guide.

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