Twitter for Beginners

Twitter for Beginners

What do you get with this digital package?

1. The Twitter for Beginners video course, made especially for you by Katie Davis, Director of Institute for Writers and Institute of Children's Literature (33 minute video course)


2. Bonus video! Also created just for you, by Katie Davis. Three Super Smart Ways To Use Twitter Not Everyone Knows About! 

3. A choice of three different downloadable badges in 18 different sizes for your website, complete with a tutorial on how to link them to your new Twitter account. Inspired by Little Chicken's Big Day, the book written and illustrated by the husband and wife team who now run IFW.

Bonuses:  We found a number of products that will quickly and easily teach you all about Twitter, and then we acquired the rights to them so we could offer you the best possible package for you.

4. 101 Insider Twitter Tips

You can learn these tips in three different ways: listening to the audio file, reading the eBook, or putting the poster up right over your desk as you go through the course, and get on Twitter!

5. Twitter Made Easy

The easy Tweet Guide!


Twitter Made Easy

6. Social Media Plan of Attack

7. Top Twitter Disasters

How to Avoid Killer Twitter Mistakes 


8. 101 Twitter Headers

You want your Twitter header to look beautiful, right? You can upload these and TA-DA! You're good to go! If you're handy with a graphics program you can add text, too. Or just use a program online like or picmonkey!

This digital package is a jam-packed course delivered as an entertaining and informative 33 minute video tour of Twitter, everything from opening an account to the Dos and Don’ts, examples of how writers can specifically benefit, and much more! Plus you get all the bonuses and goodies to help you get on your way to being a Twitter star!

Here is just a small part of what you'll learn ...

Why social media and the benefits of harnessing on the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The 4-step social media plan of attack for you to follow to effectively use social media.

How to create a social media schedule to follow so you can stay consistent.

How to grow the number of fans and followers on your social pages and profiles.

How to automate your social media marketing so that you don’t have to login and update so often.

The top social media sites to join and the types of things you can post for more engagement.

How to create a Facebook Fan Page and the benefits of creating one.

How to use Twitter, Google and LinkedIn to effectively market your business online.

…and much, much more!


And the bonus video and badges are icing on the cake! Ready? Tweet @KatieDavisBurps when you’re on board and you'll get a gold star!

Note: this is a digital package. Everything pictured here is a physical representation of a digital product, video, or eBook. Because you receive your product instantly and by definition digital products aren't returnable, this product is not returnable. Once you have paid, you'll be led to a page where you can see everything, and download whatever you want. 

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