Carol Wilson Mack Winners Circle

Carol Wilson Mack

Published Work: Fan Loyalty (2013) and Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations (2020)

Carol is a graduate of Institute for Children’s Literature. View Course Catalog >

Welcome to the Winners’ Circle where we celebrate the success of our ICL students. Today we are celebrating published author Carol Wilson-Mack!

Patchwork by Carol Wilson Mack

What are the names of your books? Who are the publishers?
1. Fan Loyalty  – A Tribute To The Late Brook Benton published by Xulon Press, 2013.
2. Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations
Published by Reader’s Magnet July 2020.

Give us a short summary of your book or article.
Patchwork tells the stories that a group of God-centered women shared with each other; They created an atmosphere that allowed them to help families. Quilting was their point of focus. This activity provided an opportunity to share their challenging

Tell us a bit about your path to publishing, from idea to submission to published.
I began by writing stage scripts for my elementary school. Every holiday needed a program. After elementary school, my high school needed programs of celebration. My jobs also required programs. I saw an advertisement for “Break Into Print” from the Long Ridge Writing Group (now known as the Institute for Writers). I sent them a sample of my writing, and they welcomed me into the group.

How long have you been writing?
I started from the time I learned to write the ABC’s I attempted to write. But it was only after I discovered the Institute for Writers, and completing the Breaking into Print course I felt encouraged.

What’s your favorite genre to write and why?
Inspiration. I love reading. When I read I feel so inspired as authors share their knowledge with others, I would love to be able to make others feel what I feel when I read the words of those sharing authors.

Please list the course or courses you’ve taken with IFW.
1.”Break Into Print“- completed
2. “Shape, Write and Sell Your Novel” – My current study

How has taking our IFW courses helped your writing and/or career?
It gave me an opportunity to have my personal professor—one who encouraged and steered me forward. It gave me access other writing professionals who provided valuable advice in specific areas of need. I credit my professors, Fisher, Braithwaite, Franklyn, and Lynne Smith, with giving me the courage to keep me writing.

Have any of your class assignments been published? If so, where and when?
None yet, however I am currently working on a project that had its origins in one of my Break Into Print assignments, that I am developing into a novel.

Do you have a favorite writing tip you’d like to share?
If one would like to be a writer, then WRITE! To be a writer you must write. Do not accept “writer’s block”—no such thing! Maybe your ideas are not progressing with your current piece, then write something else, just write.

If you could travel back in time and give yourself one piece of writing advice, how far back would you go, and what would you tell yourself?

You can do this! I did not believe I could do it for years, without trying. Long Ridge Writing Group  encouraged me to write. I continue my studies with them now as the Institute for Writers.

Please tell us the best or most valuable thing you learned from your experience with ICL and IFW.

I have been privileged. I appreciate all of them-Lynne Smith was the one who played a huge role in my desire to continue trying.

What exactly is “writer’s block?”
It maybe a phase in your plans where continuity of thought for that certain piece is not flowing, so take a break from that piece write something else. Writers write.

Carol Wilson-Mack holds a Master’s degree in Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology. She is a graduate of the Long Ridge Writing Group (now Institute for Writers) She writes stage plays and film scripts.

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