Ultimately, the nature of plot is problem. The main character faces something that must be overcome or completed or defeated or endured, and the efforts that main character makes to do just that causes ripples that change the circumstances … and not always for the better. We take our beloved characters and we throw them into deep water, then when they try to get out of it, we drop a rock on them.

In other words, that path to solution is rarely kind.

But eventually, we do need solution. If you don’t have solution in a story, the story will feel incomplete. If it just ends just because the time period you set for it is over, then what you have written won’t feel complete. If it ends because the story was really just a trip from point A to point B with nothing to overcome, then what you have written won’t feel complete. Completion comes with solution.

But if we do throw our character into deep water and then drop a rock on them, how can we possibly get them out of it to bring about the satisfying solution? Listen in and find out!

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