Frequently Asked (Pre-Student) Questions

We've answered the most commonly asked questions here. If we haven't answered your question below, please email us at student services.


1. What if I sign up for a course and I need more time to submit my assignment?

You can request a lesson extension by emailing Student Services. We're happy to provide a lesson extension of up to eight weeks. Be sure to include your stop and start dates.

2.  What if something happens and I need an extended period of time off from the course?

You can request a leave of absence by emailing Student Services. You’ll be offered three months off from your course studies. Your monthly tuition payments will continue to be due as scheduled.

3. If I’m working on my lesson and I have a question what do I do?

Simply email your instructor using the address provided when you sign up. It’s the same address you’ll use to send your lessons. Or simply use the Email My Instructor link in the My Account section of the Student Center––once you're a student you'll have access.

4. What if I sign up for a monthly tuition payment and then I can’t pay it? What are my options?

We can offer a one time reduced payment option of $20.00 per month for three months. After three months your regular monthly payment will resume. You can request reduced payments by contacting Student Services.

5. What if I find I cannot complete my studies at this time. What are my options?

Many students have found a leave of absence provides the time needed to take a break and focus on other obligations. You can request a leave of absence by clicking on the Leave of Absence link under the My Account section of the Student Center.

6. What if I have to withdraw?

If circumstances force you to withdraw, we will help you all we can. We provide a Withdrawal and Refund Policy, which can be found on the back portion of the Confirmation of Enrollment form we send to every student. After reviewing the policy please email Student Services with your request and questions. They will provide you with the information needed to make your final decision.

7. What if I’m dissatisfied?

Please contact Student Services. They will be able to offer you options based on your specific needs.

8. How do I obtain college credits for the course and request a transcript?

The Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards recommends that students who complete our courses be awarded college credits. No matter where you live, these credits may be obtained from Charter Oak State College, which functions under the degree-granting authority of the Connecticut Board. You can have these credits submitted on a Charter Oak transcript to any college or university. (If you are a teacher, your transcript will be sent to your school board, at your request). It is up to the discretion of the accepting school or school board whether or not credits will be granted.

In order to obtain an official transcript with credit hours you’ll need to contact Charter Oak State College (COSC) to open a credit registry. COSC charges fees for their registry and a fee schedule is available on their website. After opening your credit registry with COSC, click on the Request a Transcript link under the College Credit information section of our Student Center. Our transcript processing fee is currently $7.00.

9. Does the school offer any other courses?

There are two advanced courses available to graduates of the basic course. The courses are offered by instructor recommendation only. If you’re interested in either Writing Children’s Books or Beyond the Basics: Writing and Selling Short Stories and Articles, please make your instructor aware. We also offer mentoring opportunities with our instructors after you graduate, so you can keep working on your project.

If you don't want a full course, you can get a critique by our faculty. Or, try one of our self study courses that use many of the same foundational methods. They come with optional manuscript evaluation opportunities from our faculty. More information can be found at the Writer’s Bookstore.

10. How long after I finish the course will I receive my diploma?

Once graduated, your diploma will be on the way to you within 4 weeks of completion. If after four weeks your diploma has not arrived, please email Student Services.

11. If don't finish my writing course how can I resume later?

We’re happy to welcome you back at anytime. Plus, there is good news. We teach college level courses and offer college credits but we're not like other college courses because as an incentive to finish, we'll credit every penny you've already paid toward your current tuition!  If you were to take a course at most local colleges and dropped out, returning later to finish the course, you'd have to pay for the entire course all over again. With us you only pay the reinstatement fee (the current fee is $39.00) plus the difference in any increase in tuition if applicable. And you can even put the difference on a payment plan. If you have questions please email Student Services before proceeding with your reinstatement.

12. Can I still access the Student Center after I graduate?

Yes, all of the resources in the Student Center and all other sections of the website are available to our graduates.

13. How do I submit my lessons, or my writing?

We accept lessons and manuscripts for critique by email only. We require everything be submitted in Microsoft Word, which is the standard software used in the publishing industry.  


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